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Our Partners

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) promotes and facilitates research and education that enhances our understanding and appreciation of natural, social, economic and cultural environments of the North. Founded in 1976, the CNSC is an independent, non-profit field station located 23 km east of the town of Churchill, Manitoba. They provide accommodations, meals, equipment rentals, and logistical support to scientific and social researchers working on a diverse range of topics of interest in the north, including substantial and invaluable support to the Churchill Fox Project. Other major research themes that take place from the CNSC include auroral research, climate change, climatology, greenhouse gas emissions, inland water quality, marine ecosystems, community sustainability, tourism resilience, northern ecology, peatland and treeline dynamics, lake ice formation and wildlife management. The CNSC also facilitates learning programs throughout the year for non-credit learning vacations, university credit courses, and youth programming.

Funding Partners

The Churchill Fox Project is supported by numerous funding partners that have helped advance our research objectives. We acknowledge and appreciate their financial and logistical support over the years.

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